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 Guangzhou Jinsuihua Plaster Decorative Product Co., LTD. was established in 1992, is located in Baiyun district, Guangzhou. At present, our company has 12 product lines of self-owned intellectual property of domestic initiative of mechanization production. Electric open-type large-scale drying grounds is nearly 80,000 square meters, and annual production for enlargement mode fiber gypsum line is about 90 million meters, the gypsum board is 600 thousand square meters, and the plaster binder is 30,000 tons. “Suihua” is the famous brand of Gunagdong Province, And become a national high-tech enterprises of china. Its gypsum product is excellent in quality, the main product includes: Gypsum CornicesGypsum LineLight Troughs,Gypsum Curve Decorative BeadingsCenter PanelsReliefDecorative CorbelsDecorative Pillars and so on, it is more than ten series & several hundred varieties. The product sold nationwide and overseas, widely uses in the Hotel, Living, Market, and the Villa and so on, is the 21st century green environmental protection product.

    In November, 2007, our company voluntarily researches and develops the Domestic first fiber manufacture gypsum production line had official Production. It be founded the gypsum line mechanization production epoch, and change the condition about face gypsum line production profession technology backwardness, the manual control degree have been high, the labor intensity is big, the material waste is serious, efficiency low backwardness. Our company technology strength is abundant, successively obtains many patents of invention, which including the new practical patent awarded by the State Intellectual Property Rights Office; The product after Guangdong Province Building Materials Product Quality Test Center examination, each technical specification surpasses the national standards (GB9776-88, GB9777-88); The building material radioactive element limits the quantity achieves A Grade of standard (GB6566-2001), its production and marketing and the use scope are not limited; Examines after Guangzhou Fire Prevention Science And Technology Research Institute, achieves A-Level incombustibility national standards (GB8624-1997, GB/T5464-1999); At the same time, but is also awarded by Guangdong Province Environmental Protection Industry Association “Green Environmental Protection Product Recommendation Certificate”, “Green Environmental Protection Product” and so on titles of honor.

      Suihua brand gypsum decoration products look beautiful with smooth surface, clear pattern, three dimensional senses, also with high strength, good workability. It is the best compared with other materials for its luxurious & elegant decoration effect with either classically Chinese or fashionably Western style, simultaneously it still had the suitable air conditioning humidity, the temperature effect. Company own production “Suihua plaster binder"cementing power, and the tensile strength is big, cakes quickly, is early strong, does not contract, the superficial bright and clean exquisite abscission layer, the simplicity of operator, the stability is good, is the gypsum decoration product best cementing agent and makes up the joint material best.

      The company receives the management idea “to obey the market, service customer, cause the consumer is satisfied” Insisting the spirit of enterprise “the challenge future, the pursue will be remarkable”, will make determined efforts, will provide the first-class product and the service for the customer, will repay the community of  wholeheartedly support and deep affection.

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